Week 1

Cuddle time and light therapy

Yesterday was footprint & handprint day for Cameron.  Tanya brought in baby books and some canvases.  Cameron didn’t appreciate it.  At all. Handprints are pretty much the worst thing in the world… Cameron calmed down pretty quickly though.  I’m not sure if he likes the camera, recognizes my voice, or something else.  He seems to …

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Holding Sophia

Tanya got to hold Sophia for the first time today.  Here are the two of them just after their first cuddle: Here’s Sophia looking up at Tanya (cute little nose!): Sophia likes her “binky.” Cameron’s primary nurse was out, so we left him in his “playpen.”  Here’s me with him: Here’s Cameron checking out the …

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Handshake with Cameron

Cameron, locked away in the evil land of NICU, reaches for the only hand that hasn’t tortured him.  A hand of hope.  A hand of justice.  One hand to rule them all.   Ok, not really.  It’s a really great NICU.  The hand is just mine.  Still, he has a great handshake.

Hello, world!

They’re here!  We’re ecstatic to announce the arrival of Cameron David and Sophia Lynn!  Cameron was born at 10:37am and weighed 3 lbs 3 oz.  Sophia was born at 10:38am and weighed 2 lbs 15 oz. A few minutes after their birth, they brought over Sophia for Tanya to meet her.  Cameron followed a few …

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