Month: August 2011

Week 21

August 29, 2011 Bryan was out of town camping and did not go to this doctors appointment.  My friend Chris drove me to the appointment and she was so excited to see the ultrasounds.  We asked the tech to record the scans like usual, however, she was a new employee and said that she did …

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Week 20

My good friend Jennifer and her daughter came over to the house and helped me clean out the room that will be the nursery.  After the room was cleaned out Jennifer painted the room for me! From this… to this! Thank you so much Jennifer!

Week 18

August 10, 2011 Wow – We are now into month 5!  And these little guys are growing like crazy.  We had another appt and ultrasound today and it is such an emotional time for me.  Our little girl (Baby B) likes to wave at us, so I was laying there and waving to the screen …

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