To the hospital we go…

Posted on 30th June 2011 in 1st Trimester

June 30, 2011

Today was a really bad day.  I could not keep ANYTHING down and threw up 9 times today.  So, Dr. Vo admitted me into the hospital for IV fluids and meds.  At this point I have lost 12 lbs in 8 weeks and currently weigh 90 lbs.  I really do not look like a pregnant person.  I look more like an anorexic person.  I was not looking forward to going to the hospital or the 45 minute drive to get there, but I really need to get feeling better.   Sadly, today was the day Bryan and I were supposed to be flying to Michigan to join his family for a week long vacation.

When we checked in and I got to my room, it took the nurses 4 tries and almost 2 hours to get an IV into me.  I was so dehydrated.  Finally we were successful and once the fluids started, I could tell I was feeling better.  I ended up staying there for 2 nights and received almost 8 bags of fluids.  When I was released on Saturday I felt like a new person.

Summerlin Hospital has an entire floor just for pregnancy, so everyone on the floor was either pregnant or had just delivered.  One of the nurses took Bryan and I on a tour of the ward and the NICU.  Seeing all those tiny babies and knowing there are 2 growing in my belly gave me such great joy!


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Week 12 Ultrasound

Posted on 29th June 2011 in 1st Trimester

June 29, 2011 – Here’s some video clips from our week 12 ultrasound. I’m sure we’ll be saying this for their entire lives, but…man, they grow up fast!

Here are some photos of the kids.

Duke Twins Week 12 Ultrasound Baby A

Duke Twins Week 12 Ultrasound Baby B

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IV Fluids anyone???

Posted on 21st June 2011 in 1st Trimester

June 21, 2011

Since week 5, I have been really, really sick.  Uncontrollable vomiting.  I have been diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a severe form of morning sickness, with unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids. Hyperemesis is considered a rare complication of pregnancy but, because nausea and vomiting during pregnancy exist on a continuum, there is often not a good diagnosis between common morning sickness and hyperemesis.

This makes it really hard to eat and drink as everything just comes back up.  Today I woke up and felt like I had been dropped out of an airplane.  My entire body ached.  I called my nurse who said this is a sign of severe dehydration.  She told me to get to the clinic right away for IV fluids.  I just started crying….  dang emotions!  But at this point I was so scared that I was hurting my babies and could not do anything about it.  I called Bryan at work and left him a message telling him I needed him NOW!  Unfortunately it was gonna be awhile until he could get home, so I called my friend Jennifer and asked her “If I needed a ride to my doctors office, how soon can you come get me?”  She replied with “Right now.”  So Jennifer picked me up and drove me to my doctors office and stayed with me until Bryan showed up.  The first bag of fluids was pushed thru very fast, about 45 minutes, then they started the 2nd bag at a slower pace.  I felt pretty good after that.  Sadly that only lasted about 3 days.  Then I took a turn for the worse again….

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Week 10 Ultrasound

Posted on 17th June 2011 in 1st Trimester

June 17, 2011 – Here’s a few clips from our week 10 ultrasound.  Look at them dance!

And some photos…

Baby A at Week 10

Baby A at Week 10

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Week 8 Ultrasound

Posted on 3rd June 2011 in 1st Trimester

June 3, 2011 – Our first appointment with our perinatologist, Dr Vo.  (What is a perinatologist :  it is an obstetrical specialist concerned with the care of the mother and fetus at higher-than-normal risk for complications).

The babies are growing up!

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