Restaurants, Tables and Sprinklers

Posted on 27th April 2013 in Month 17


The twins are learning fast and trying new things out all the time.  Some of their older toys are still fun though.  Here’s Cameron trouncing through their indoor tent’s crawl tube…


Play time

This isn’t a great photo, but Sophia’s having a blast in their indoor tent…

Sophia play time

Reading is still one of their favorite past times….


Cameron really likes kicking back at the table.  We’re about to put up an electric fence to get him to stop…

Cameron kicking back

We took the twins to a local art fair.  Sophia seemed to really enjoy it.  Cameron seemed to tolerate it…

Twins at the art fair

Sophia was the star of the art fair.  Every grandmother in the place stopped to talk to her…

Sophia taking in the art fair

On one of our trips around town, the twins and I stayed in the car while Tanya ran into a store.  Here’s Sophia learning to drive (with the car safely in park)…

Sophia "driving"

We bought a small outdoor table and modified it so the twins could sit at it.  The photos below show their first outdoor eating at the new table.  (It didn’t go quite as well as the photos show.)

Cameron trying out the outdoor table

Sophia trying out the outdoor table

Back inside, Sophia REALLY likes tater tots.  REALLY likes.

Sophia - Tater Tots!

It’s now warm outside, so the twins got a new sprinkler to play in…


They were a little apprehensive at first, but within a few minutes they were splashing around…


Cameron wanted to make sure this dead leaf got a chance at the new sprinkler…


As  soon as they finished up with the sprinkler, Cameron tested out his slide climbing skills.  No need to walk all the way around to the ladder…


Finally, the twins are big fans of Gaetano’s Ristorante here in Henderson.  Here’s Sophia showing how it’s done.  She is soooo going to kill me for posting all these photos of her…


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Wuuvvv Youuuuu!

Posted on 13th April 2013 in Month 17


The twins are learning things so fast, I can’t keep up.  They’re both picking up words (or parts of words) just about every time you say something (really, it’s maybe one new “word” a day).  Today Tanya told Cameron she was giving him some cookies (animal crackers) and Cameron said “oookie!”  The cutest, most heart-melting thing to date was a few weeks ago when I came home from work, hugged Sophia and told her I loved her.  Cameron walked up, hugged us both and said “wuuvvv youuuuu.”  Sophia said something similar later that day.  I died.

They’re both now really good at listening to things we ask them to do then doing them.  “Cameron, go get Sophia’s lunch box and give it to her” …and Cameron walks across the room, grabs the pink lunch box and gives it to Sophia.  They’re also really good at deciding to ignore some things we say (hmmm).  They seem to love reading more as time goes on.  They both love their swing set so much that it’s hard to get them to come back inside.  They also both love playing the piano – so much that they fight over it.  (Working on that…)

Today I got home from work in time to take them for a car ride before dinner.  They both love sporting their sunglasses and touring the town.  Here are Sophia and Cameron getting ready for today’s cruise…



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