Nuzzle, food, and little fingers

Today was another great day with the twins. They’re getting stronger every day.  Today marked what would have been 32 weeks into the pregnancy.  It looks like they’ve both started the upswing in weight.  Cameron now weights a mighty ounce more than when he was born, bringing him to 3 lbs 4 oz.  Sophia’s still slightly under her birth weight at 2 lbs 13 oz, but she’s working on it.  At only 5 days old, this seems like great progress to us.

I really can’t say enough about how incredible the nurses and doctors have been at the Summerlin Hospital NICU.  I’m completely impressed every single time we visit.  Almost as soon as we walk in the door, the doctors brief us on our kids’ overall health status (procedures, expected outcomes vs reality, etc).  The nurses are truly amazing.  Their patience with our kids, mastery of preemie care, and excitement about helping bring our kids into the world is completely inspiring.  They’re the true heroes of the NICU and we’re honored to have them on our side.

Today Tanya got to spend lots of time nuzzling with the twins.  The closer Sophia got to Tanya, the more Sophia wanted to suck her thumb.  Right idea, but Sophia’s execution needs some work.

They’re each getting fed 3mL of milk every few hours.  The milk gets put in a syringe held above the kid by a foot or so.  The milk then drains through the feed tube into their stomachs.   Sweet glorious breast milk…

Nom, nom, nom!  Even though Sophia isn’t using her mouth to consume the milk, she somehow manages to get stuff all over her face.  Somebody wants us to buy stock in a wet wipes company…

Cameron was up next for nuzzle time.  When you point the camera in his face, his eyes typically open wide.  When you put his face next to Tanya’s skin, he gets a drunken teenager look.  It sort of reminds me of Bill Cosby from 1983 (take a quick 20 second intermission here).

Since they’re just warming up to food in their stomachs, the twins are still getting food through their PIC lines.  Remember lipids, protein & dextrose from my earlier post?  Here’s the lipid machine of justice (LMOJ, for short)…

Some of the scary monsters in the NICU…

Cameron kept trying to do a pull up on his cannula.  He pretty much constantly tries to rip out all of his tubes, sensors & wires.  Good boy…

Dinner time, Cameron!

Nom, nom, nom!

After dinner is siesta time.  If you’re going to nap, you might as well get comfy…

Cameron’s hands are not even close to big enough to wrap around my index finger.  Everything about them is small right now (except for their awesomeness, of course).

8 thoughts on “Nuzzle, food, and little fingers”

  1. Thank you so much Bryan for documenting and updating us on all the twins’ progress! I know you both must be exhausted and overwhelmed right now. So, it is that much more appreciated that you take the time to do this.

  2. Your blog is so heartwarming to see and read during our time of loss. Thank you for brightening my every morning with your life story. I love you and Tanya both, and love to bunches those babies! Can’t wait to meet them someday…

  3. Bryan, thanks for sharing this. What a fascinating story! Can’t wait to see Cameron and Sophia running around someday. You and Tanya are absolutely inspirational. These kids are SO lucky to have you as parents.


  4. Jason Wierzbanowski

    Bryan and Tanya,

    What a miracle! You and your new family are truly inspirational. We are so very happy for you and finding out about the births of these sweet babies is the best news! We know you have been waiting a long time for this…Congratulations and we hope to meet these new and very special Dukes someday!

    Michelle and Jason Wierzbanowski

  5. How awesome. Tanya and Groucho, were both so happy for you guys. The twins are beautiful! So thankful that the folks at the NICU are so great and pros and especially caring. All you guys are in our prayers for health and the babies coming home soon! Take care and God Bless!
    Andy and Colleen Bromsey

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