Hearts, Hats, and Food

Posted on 13th November 2011 in NICU, Week 1

We got to spend some great time with the twins today.  I got to hold the kids for the first time.  All together, we had them out of their playpens for about an hour each.  Thanks to a 3-day round of medicine, their PDA heart issues are now gone.  What that means to you & me is that they now have more oxygen in the blood.  Next up: hiking trip!  Awesome.

They also both got their first round of breast milk today.  They’ve been “fed” protein, dextrose & lipids through PIC lines until around dinner tonight.  They each got a massive 3mL of home-grown milk from Tanya through those little orange feeding tubes in their mouths.  Not a bad first meal!  More awesome.

Cameron hasn’t seen himself in a mirror yet, but he’s already hoping his hairline is better than mine…

We put on his cool new blue hat from Grandma.  Nope, he didn’t start crying.  YAWN!!

Fighting through the evil tape all over his face, Cameron kept smiling at Tanya…

It was finally time for me to hold the kids.  Tanya, step aside!  I even got a smile out of the little guy…

What are you lookin’ at!?!

One day, Sophia will be mortified that we took all these pictures of her with tape all over her face and tubes running everywhere.  Enjoy them before she makes us take them down…

When Tanya talks, Sophia looks.  Every single time.  It’s like a tractor beam.  Or a homing pigeon.  Or maybe a kid looking at her mom.  One of those.

Here’s my first cuddle with Sophia.  When I talk to her, she either cries or sleeps.  Apparently Tanya has more magic than I do.  We knew that already though.

After her marathon cuddle fest, Sophia racked out in a perfect little pose with her new hat from Grandma…


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  • Steph Hawkins

    I never tire of looking at pics of these kids. I can see the emotion on Tanya’s face in every photo of her with them. And Bryan, I have to say that you’re an effortless writer and quite the entertainer (both of which I can appreciate!) :) Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    • http://www.acceleroto.com Bryan Duke

      Steph, Tanya put you up to saying that, didn’t she? I guess I’ve somehow grasped the title of official documentarian.

  • Kristinlduke

    I cannot get over how beautiful they both are. So glad that they are doing so well! Sending so much love!