Tanya’s first visit to the NICU

Nov 11 2011

After the C-section, the doctor’s orders were for Tanya to stay in bed for 24 hours.  Since the kids can’t leave the NICU, that meant Tanya couldn’t see the kids for 24 hours after they were delivered.  So, 24 hours and zero seconds after her surgery, Tanya leapt from the bed (not really) and ran to the NICU (not even close).

She got to hold Cameron (kangaroo style) for a few minutes – the first time either of us got to hold our kids.  She then spent some time with each of our kids. Cameron was wide awake and Sophia was sound asleep.

Here’s Tanya with Cameron:

Here’s Tanya with Sophia:

Here’s Cameron looking at Tanya:

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