Hello, world!

They’re here!  We’re ecstatic to announce the arrival of Cameron David and Sophia Lynn!  Cameron was born at 10:37am and weighed 3 lbs 3 oz.  Sophia was born at 10:38am and weighed 2 lbs 15 oz.

A few minutes after their birth, they brought over Sophia for Tanya to meet her.  Cameron followed a few minutes later.  Here’s Tanya meeting Sophia for the first time:

Here’s Tanya meeting Cameron:

While Tanya was finishing up in the OR and getting back to her labor & delivery room, I went to the NICU to spend some more time with the twins.  They definitely have some growing to do before they can go home, but they look very healthy and they both cried as soon as they met the air.

Here’s a picture of Cameron just after getting to the NICU:

Here’s Sophia just after getting to the NICU:

10 thoughts on “Hello, world!”

  1. Bryan I am just soooooo happy for you two!! I cry looking at those beautiful babies meeting their mommy for the first time. I know you are just on cloud nine right now!!

  2. Todd and Mary Beth

    so beautiful! and they do look *so* healthy! what a journey it’s been to such a perfect moment. we’re all just so happy for your doubly great family!

  3. So sweet! Congratulations and it’s great news to know they cried when they were born. They will both be great fighters and very strong, God Bless your precious gifts 🙂

  4. Jacine and Chris

    The image of the first meeting brought tears to my eyes. From my experience, it’s a memory that is imprinted on your soul instead of your neurons. God bless Cameron and Sophia, and you and Tanya. Another bit of light has been brought into the world!

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