Month 7

Vampire Babies??

Vampire babies sipping on True Blood, or human babies eating pureed purple carrots…. you decide! Yes, I am a fan of all things vampire…  I am sure the twins will not think this is funny later. Oh-Well kids, this is what happens when you cause your mom to be completely sleep deprived!

Potty Time!

I have been practicing “Natural Infant Hygiene” (or “Elimination Communication“) for just over a month now with both Sophia and Cameron.  Sophia took to the idea very quickly and within a few days of just sitting on the toilet, on May 19th she peed in it and did it 3 times that day! and every …

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Tanya introduced the twins to real food today.  Well, by real food I mean baby food.  …and by baby food I mean peas. By some unnatural occurrence, our kids like peas.  Peas!?  Does anyone like peas?  I don’t. After peas they had pears.  Pears I’m ok with.  Here’s Cameron trying out peas… Sophia liked the …

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10 Second Break

I got to spend some time alone with the kids today. As luck would have it, they got really upset once Tanya left. Cameron stopped his crying for a few minutes to down a bottle, but Sophia wouldn’t eat. After his bottle, Cameron & Sophia were inconsolable for over an hour. Cameron’s max-volume crying ended …

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First Fight Club

Well, the twins had their first “fight” today.  They were playing in the living room and one of them went Mike Tyson on the other.  It was over quickly…one punch to the face.  I’ll let you decide who won…