We spent a big portion of our Thanksgiving day at the hospital.  Why would we be anywhere else?  I’m still fighting a stomach bug, so I stayed away from the NICU again today.  Tanya got some serious cuddle time though and saw some great milestones.

Cameron was awake for Tanya and really enjoyed their cuddle time.  Tanya gave him his first self-powered feeding ever.  So that they can monitor his progress, his first feeding was with a bottle.  Armed with 21mL of milk in that bottle, Tanya convinced Cameron to drink a mighty 3mL on his own.  That’s way better than I was doing at a 33 week gestational age…

It still amazes me to see Cameron (well, Cameron’s photos) without his cannula in.  I can’t wait for Sophia to get hers out too.  Our kids seriously have the cutest noses in the galaxy.

Sophia was really upset that I couldn’t visit her in the NICU.  She let Tanya have all those saved up tears…

Sophia’s getting going again on her feedings.  She was pretty, umm, “plugged up” early in the day, so she got a little extra help filling her diaper.  By the end of the day, she was tolerating her 6mL feedings.  She’s a little behind Cameron now with breathing and feeding, but little baby girls have a tendency to finish very strong in the NICU.  Several nurses have told us that they wouldn’t be surprised if she catches up to Cameron in the next couple weeks.

Once we got home, Tobie let us know that he was ready for Thanksgiving dinner…

It was by far the fastest prep we’d ever done for a Thanksgiving dinner, but it reminded us to pause and think of all the amazing things in our lives.  To get here, it’s taken a wonderfully supportive family.  We’ve ditched out on countless family gatherings over the last 10 years in our pursuit of having kids.  We undoubtedly have some catching up to do.  Our network of friends literally around the world has been incredible.  We were lucky enough to have the best fertility team in the country on our side.  We were also lucky to have an amazing perinatologist to help Tanya brave her high-risk pregnancy.  The NICU staff has been awesome.  We’re also lucky to have solid day jobs and our software company consistently doing well enough to help pay all those bills.  There’s no end to the thanks we could offer.

It’s absolutely amazing to have two children of our own.  Next year, we’ll have four place settings (and some green vegetables on our plates)….

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