Daddy’s Back!

I’m back to 100% after a little stomach bug.  So, I got to visit the kids today with Tanya.  I only missed two visits, but it’s amazing seeing the differences in each of them. Their weights aren’t changing drastically each day, but they are definitely making big progress.

When we got there, Sophia was completely zonked out…

Cameron was partially awake, but wasn’t to fond of me sticking the camera in his face.   NO PICTURES PLEASE!!!

Here’s some progress on Cameron…it’s an innie!

Tanya held Cameron for about 45 minutes, then I got some serious cuddle time.  I held him for about 40 minutes – the most I’d held either of them so far.  Cameron looks all cute & cuddly here.  However, after his feeding (25mL through his feed tube) and some rocking by me, he practiced his projectile vomiting on me.  It reminded me of that scene from the Exorcist

After holding him upside down and shaking out all the remaining puke (not really), I cleaned him up with the amazing help of his nurse and put him back in his playpen.  He looked smug.

Until he realized…


Alternate captions for that photo, as suggested by others are:

  • You’d think they’d find a better place to put this tomato soup in than my nose….
  • Is that the new iPhone 4s?
  • (your caption here…)

Knowing that he wasn’t going to get any more food, he gave up and fell asleep…

Any time Tanya holds Sophia, she’s either locked on Tanya’s eyes or in one of these super deep, drool all over the place sleeps…

Sophia tolerates me holding her.  Mostly…

Back in her playpen, Sophia was looking prissy.

Once Tanya came over to see how Sophia was doing, Sophia woke up and had a staring contest with Tanya…

Sophia doesn’t seem to mind the camera.  She might even tolerate it more than she tolerates me…

Sophia’s oxygen is now on the lowest setting.  The doctor told us that there’s a good chance Sophia’s will get her cannula removed tomorrow.  I’m hoping to get some shots of her tomorrow without the cannula.  Check back soon!

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  1. I can see that Sophia’s hat is starting to fit better 😉 They are both doing amazingly well… I”m so happy for you guys 😉

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