Two weeks!

The twins are two weeks old today.  I’m feeling a little sick today, so I stayed away from the NICU.  Tanya still can’t drive (still recovering from her surgery), so I drove her to the hospital and hid far away from the NICU while she visited with them.  Tanya was able to spend almost 5 hours with the kids today, but had to break up her cuddle time between this afternoon and night because of the kids’ schedules.  I’m a little confused why Sophia couldn’t come out to play this afternoon, but it all worked out.

Since I steered clear of the NICU today, Tanya was the special guest photographer for the kids.  Thanks, Tanya!

Cameron’s still at 18mL per feeding, but he started getting a fortifier added to the breast milk to increase how many calories he’s getting.  Sophia’s still at 6mL today, but she’s handling it well.  If she still tolerates that amount tomorrow, the rumor is they’ll increase her feedings.

Cameron was looking extra cute today.  I’ll give you a hint why…NO CANNULA!!  For now at least, Cameron’s completely off any supplemental oxygen.  Now if we could just ditch that feeding tube…

Sophia found her nose today…

Sophia also found the camera lens that Tanya kept sticking in her face.  Any time Tanya talks, sings, or looks at her, Sophia just locks on to Tanya.  Sophia really, really likes Tanya’s singing.

Tanya also shot some video of the twins.  Sophia did a great job of paying attention to Tanya (and the camera).  Cameron just showed us all what preemie hiccups look & sound like…

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