Week 7

No Feeding Tube, Take 2

I can’t believe I forgot this.   For some reason that will always be unknown to men, deciding on the “going home outfit” is quite possibly the most important decision in the world.  Like I mentioned when Cameron went home, his going home outfit was from my mom.  Again, most important thing in the world. Slightly …

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All Thumbs

It’s been a busy few days.  I’m at home with Cameron 24/7.  Tanya is at home except for when she’s at the hospital taking care of Sophia.  Cameron & I hang out in our pajamas all the time.  It’s pretty awesome. Cameron’s doing great and is actually sleeping quite well.  Maybe a little too well.  …

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Cameron’s Home

Tanya spent a lot of time this morning on the phone with the doctors and nurses.  When we went to sleep last night, we were pretty convinced that Sophia was going to get a blood transfusion today.  They did some more tests today that showed her red blood cell count was on the rise and …

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