6 Month Birthday

Posted on 9th May 2012 in Month 6, Monthly Birthdays

Happy ½ Year Birthday!!!

Today is the 6 month Birthday for Cameron & Sophia.  I can not believe how time has flown…. We are having so much fun!

Here are their stats for today

Cameron – 10 lbs 14 oz and 23 ½” long

Sophia – 10 lbs 13 ½ oz and 23 ½” long








They smile all the time…

until a camera gets in their face!!

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Posted on 21st April 2012 in Month 6

So, I’ve been away for a few days camping…it’s amazing how fast the kids change.

They’re much better at grabbing things on purpose than earlier this week. Earlier today Cameron was holding my finger. When I pulled my hand away to go over to Sophia, Cameron leaned forward (slightly), reached out and grabbed my hand. Cute!

It’s time for blocks!

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