Sunday Feedings

(This is about December 11th, but I wrote it on December 18th.)

Cameron’s always been out for attention.  It’s really amazing how much he loves Tanya & wants to be with her.  When he gives us looks like this, it’s nearly impossible not to pick him up…

After some serious cuddle time with Tanya, she sat him up so he could see the world a bit.  I’m not quite sure how his long distance vision is, but he seems to be able to recognize both of us…and the camera…from a several feet away.  Here he is practicing his 3-point throw…  (south paw?)

Sophia still has some of her water weight/swelling from her heart medicine, but she’s definitely on the way towards better.  For now, her face is definitely a little rounder than Cameron’s.  Yet another thing she’ll one day be mortified about…

Both the kids still have their feeding tubes, but Cameron’s really getting good at bottle & breast feeding.  He’s feeding on his own a couple times a day now.  Sophia’s playing a bit with feeding, but still not all that interested.  Soon!

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