Birthday Thank Yous!

We have so much to catch up on it is a little over-whelming…. but better late than never.

Last year we decided that every year for the twins’ birthday we would take a family vacation.  This year we took a 5 day trip to Anaheim, CA, including 3 days at Disneyland and California Adventure (more on that in another post).  When we arrived home, we found this:


This is really the first time the kids have had interest in actually opening boxes and presents so I’d like to share that with you all…

Grandpa & Grandma Duke:  Grandma Duke made them both necklaces.  We love them and anyone who knows Sophia knows she loves jewelry.  We still need to go to the bookstore to pick out some books with the money they received.

IMG_0239  IMG_0250

IMG_0252  IMG_0260

Papa & Granny Adams:  They LOVE the piano!

IMG_0355  IMG_0357  IMG_0375

Great Papa & Nana VanderWall:  They love their books and Sophia is fascinated with the music and lights on hers.

IMG_0345  IMG_0343

Aunt Kristie (my sister), Uncle Randy & cousins Jacque, Zak & Madi:  They continue to sweep the floors everyday.  It is really cute when one of them plays the piano and the other picks up the electric guitar and play “music” together.

IMG_0287  IMG_0293

IMG_0300  IMG_0302

My mom’s cousin, Linda… so my 2nd cousin, the twins 3rd cousin…. is that how it works?  I don’t know, anyways…. Linda knitted Sophia a cupcake hat that she immediately put on her head herself and modeled the hat for us.  She loved it!  Cameron liked his knitted hat too but we were too busy taking photos of Sophia to capture him wearing it.  Sorry Linda.

IMG_0307  IMG_0317  Sophia hat 2IMG_0306  IMG_0314  sophia hat 1

The Robinson Family:  Books with their names all over them…?  How awesome it that!?  Every single page says their name and they can recognize it.  They love them.

IMG_0269  IMG_0282

Sophia gave Cameron a puzzle:


Cameron gave Sophia a puzzle:


All those boxes and some envelopes in the mail turned into this!  The Mickey Mouse ears we brought home from Disney.


THANK YOU to all our family and friends who text, Facebooked, emailed, called and send cards/gifts to the twins.  Bryan and I are still trying to figure out how to slow down time.  It really does fly when you are having fun!



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  1. How fun! I’m reminded of a psych class years and years ago discussing differences in twins growing up. This is especially interesting as they’re boy and girl twins. That aside, how to you get anything done besides watching they develop and interacting. Lucky parents and lucky kids! Thanks
    Uncle Louis

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