Week 23

Sep 12 2011

September 12, 2011

Well, we had another ultrasound today and the DVD did not burn correct again.  We don’t even have pictures.  I am sending the DVD back to the clinic so that maybe they can get it to work.  We think it just needs to be finalized.

The twins are doing well.  Growing like crazy, good, strong heartbeats.

I have been somewhat hesitant to post pictures of me and my belly.  As you all know, I had a very rough first trimester and lost weight, which made me quite self-conscious about the way I look.  When people ask me if I am pregnant, and I say “yes, with twins” they always say “you’re so small”…. which makes me feel like people think I am not taking care of my babies.  I am finally putting on weight but I still have 1 – 2 bad days a week where I puke 2-4 times a day.  So basically I put on a few pounds, then lose a few pounds.  Our doctor has put me on Prevacid to reduce the acid in my stomach.  She thinks that my stomach is over-producing acid and that is what is making me get sick so much.  I hope this is going to do the trick.  I am sick of getting sick!

So here is a picture of me in our backyard when we got home from our doctors appointment.



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